• HRC2024
  • 6 - 8 Oct 2024

Dr Sharon Man

Sharon Man

Speaking at: HRC2023

Position: Cardiology ST7 SpR
Location: Leicester, UK

I am a final year ST7 UK Cardiology trainee in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Implantable Cardiac Devices, based at the Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, due to CCT in October 2023. I am a current member of the EHRA Digital Subcommittee, working on a review and practical guide on the responsible use of AI in EP and activities related to Digital Cardiology. I am a mother to my 11 year old daughter and wife to my non-medic husband. I hold a travelling fellowship grant awarded by the Royal Society of Medicine in 2022 for a visiting fellowship to gain more exposure to advanced EP procedures and conduct collaborative research hosted by a multi-centre ACHD EP consortium in France. I am passionate about all things EP, equitable access to arrhythmia treatment, improved patient pathways and monitoring of treatment response through the use of digital tools. I am also keen to learn and share the trials and tribulations of training in EP with other trainees and fellows. I hope to build a support network for all training in EP where people can discuss ideas of improving training experiences and ways to implement them.

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