• HRC2023
  • 8 - 10 Oct 2023

Dr Balrik Kailey

Balrik Kailey

Position: Clinical Research Fellow
Location: London, UK

I am a clinical research fellow at Imperial College London. I carried out my undergraduate training at Oxford and completed my clinical training at Guys, Kings & St Thomas' Hospitals. I was subsequently appointed to the Cardiology Academic Clinical Fellow training program in North West Thames.  

My research interests utilise Ripple Mapping to investigate scar and conduction system properties. I am running a multi-centre randomised trial comparing approaches to atrial tachycardia ablation. My research into the conduction system uses the open-window properties of Ripple Mapping to assess the conduction parameters of the AVN and His conduction system. I have used these same principles to obtain and analyse Ripple maps during AVNRT and therefore aid ablation.  

I am also very keen on medical education and have served on the BJCA Core Committee and co-founded Cardiowebinar.com which is a free online teaching platform. I'm always very open to hearing new ideas regarding collaboration! 

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