• HRC2023
  • 8 - 10 Oct 2023

Dr M Cecilia Gonzalez Corcia

M Cecilia Gonzalez Corcia

Position: Consultant Cardiologist
Location: Bristol, UK

Cecilia Gonzalez Corcia, is a Consultant Cardiologist in the Cardiac Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital of Bristol. Cecilia is originally from Argentina, where she did her medical studies in the University of Buenos Aires, and her paediatric training in the Gutierrez Children’s Hospital.  She underwent further training in paediatric cardiology and electrophysiology at Children’s Hospital of Boston. After finishing her training, she moved with her family to Belgium where she was the motor to develop the Paediatric Electrophysiology Program in Clinique St Luc, the Catholic University Hospital in Brussels. Cecilia has clinical and research interest in sudden cardiac death during childhood, and was mentored for her PHd in Brugada syndrome in the young by Professor Pedro Brugada. Her main clinical interest is interventional electrophysiology in young children and in patients with congenital heart disease. She moved to Bristol to take a position in the Royal Hospital for Children in September 2018, and since then she has been a Consultant in paediatric Cardiology with interest in Electrophysiology and Pacing. 

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