• HRC2023
  • 8 - 10 Oct 2023

Professor Richard Sutton

Richard Sutton

Position: Emeritus Professor of Clinical Cardiology
Location: Monte Carlo, MC

Richard Sutton graduated from King's College Hospital Medical School in 1964. He trained at National Heart Hospital, London 1970-6 and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US, 1968-9. He has been Consultant Cardiologist at Westminster, Chelsea & Westminster, Royal Brompton and St Mary’s Hospitals in London, 1976-2011. He became Professor of Clinical Cardiology at Imperial College, London, 2003; Emeritus Professor 2011; DSc London 1988. He has published >320 peer-reviewed papers dominantly on Cardiac Pacing and Syncope. He was Co-Founder (1976) and President of British Heart Rhythm Society (then BPEG) 1990-1995 and European Working Group on Cardiac Pacing 1998-2000 (now EHRA), Editor-in-Chief of Europace 1998-2006, now Founding Editor, and President & Co-Founder of Cardiology Section, Royal Society of Medicine. He is Guest Professor of Cardiology at University of Lund, Sweden 2019-22. 

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