• HRC2024
  • 6 - 8 Oct 2024
Arrhythmia Alliance Patients Day
AF Association Patients Day
STARS Patients Day

Arrhythmia Alliance Patients Day -

Chair: Dr Kim Rajappan Oxford, UK
Ectopic Heart Beats Dr Matthew Fay Bradford, UK
Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) Prof Jonathan Kalman Melbourne, AU
Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) Prof Tarv Dhanjal Coventry, UK
Chair: Dr Benjamin Steinberg Utah, US
What is Cardiomyopathy? Dr Edward Davies Plymouth, UK
Advances in medication to treat heart failure Dr Larry Jackson II Durham, US
How a Pacemaker, CRT/ICD/S-ICD can help in the treatment of Heart Failure Ms Eleri Roberts Manchester, UK
AF and Heart Failure Mrs Becky Hyland Wiltshire, UK
Chair: Mrs Helen Eftekhari Coventry, UK
COVID 19 and arrhythmias Dr Boon Lim London, UK
Lifestyle and arrhythmias - is there a link? Mrs Helen Eftekhari Coventry, UK
Alternative therapies for arrhythmias Mrs Helen Hodgson Bath, UK
Which arrhythmias are suitable for ablation? Dr Matthew Ginks Oxford, UK
Chair: Dr Shouvik Haldar London, UK
Wearable devices - How do they detect Arrhythmias? Dr Yassir Javaid Northampton, UK
Questions to ask if you are invited to take part in a trial Ms Rachel Bates Oxford, UK
Latest advances in screening relatives of SCD patients Dr Julian Ormerod Oxford, UK
NICE – latest update on digital ECGs or something? Dr David Albert Los Angeles, US

AF Association Patients Day -

Chair: Dr Will Foster Worcester, UK
I have just been diagnosed with paroxysmal AF. Can I do anything to help myself? Prof Faizel Osman Coventry, UK
I have paroxysmal AF. What medications are available? Dr Ahmed Ammar Worcester, UK
Chair: Dr Vishal Luther Liverpool, UK
I have paroxysmal AF. Should I have an ablation? Dr Vishal Luther Liverpool, UK
My AF has returned, can ablation be repeated? Dr Sajad Ahmed Hayat Qatar, QA
I have had an ablation and my AF has gone … can I stop my anticoagulants? Prof Gregory Lip Liverpool, UK
Chair: Dr Will Foster Worcester, UK
What's new on the horizon to reduce an AF-related stroke?
Is there an alternative treatment to oral anticoagulants? Prof Tim Betts Oxford, UK
What new technologies are there to treat AF? Dr Derick Todd Liverpool, UK
Is AF Hereditary? Mrs Bridgette Smith Worcester, UK
Chair: Dr Sandeep Panikker Coventry, UK
Should I have a cryoablation or a radiofrequency ablation for my AF? Dr Aaisha Opel Middlesex, UK
I have paroxysmal AF. If I go into AF, how long should I wait before I call for help (ambulance / GP review / go to A&E)? Dr Will Foster Worcester, UK
Recently diagnosed with AF are there any driving restrictions? Dr Donah Zachariah Stoke-on-Trent, UK

STARS Patients Day -

Chair: Mrs Trudie Lobban Winchester, UK
Night terrors and how to manage them Mrs Trudie Lobban Winchester, UK
How is RAS diagnosed? Would a video help a diagnosis? Prof Blair Grubb Toledo, US
Trudie and Chantal discuss her ‘journey’ from childhood RAS to adulthood misdiagnosis of epilepsy Ms Chantal Lee Nottingham, UK
The differences between reflex anoxic seizures and epileptic fits. AED medication is not appropriate for RAS. Dr Jasveer Mangat London, UK
Chair: Dr Roopinder Sandhu Los Angeles, US
Is tilt table testing still a must go to test for those presenting with unexplained loss of consciousness? How does it work? Why do so many hospitals not have the facility anymore? Prof Richard Sutton Monte Carlo, MC
An unexplained loss of consciousness needs a proper diagnosis Dr Nicholas Tullo New Jersey, US
Presyncope: What it is, causes, symptoms and treatment Dr Matthew Fay Bradford, UK
Psychogenic syncope (symptoms mimic those of VVS and PoTS) Dr Artur Fedorowski Stockholm, SE
Chair: Prof Lesley Kavi Warwickshire, UK
Important to manage one’s expectations as there is no magic bullet Dr Nicholas Gall London, UK
PoTS or Long Covid? Dr Melanie Dani London, UK
What medications are currently being prescribed for PoTS patients? How are they effective? Prof Blair Grubb Toledo, US
Wise eating and drinking can be beneficial in PoTS Prof Lesley Kavi Warwickshire, UK

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