• HRC2024
  • 6 - 8 Oct 2024
Paediatric Session Online
GUCH 1 Online
GUCH 2 Online

Paediatric Session - Online -

Session Coordinator Professor Orhan Uzun Cardiff, UK
1) Optimum PM settings to prevent PM induced CHF in infants & toddler Dr Vinay Bhole Midlands, UK
1) Pacemaker syndrome in children: diagnosis and treatment Dr Karen McLeod Glasgow, UK
1) Optimum ICD programming to prevent inappropriate shocks in children Dr Joseph De Giovanni Birmingham, UK
2) Ebsteins anomaly preexcitation and management Dr Neil Seller Newcastle, UK
2) Post Fontan tachycardias and management Dr Jasveer Mangat London, UK
2) PJRT and best timing for RFA Dr Mark Walsh Dublin, IE
3) Bradycardias in the fit and mighty: when should we be worried? Assoc Prof Graham Stuart Bristol, UK
3) Bradycardias in the meek and twiggy: what to do? Dr M Cecilia Gonzalez Corcia Bristol, UK
3) Bradycardias in the inherited channelopathies and their solutions Dr Jan Till London, UK
4) Diagnostic classification and criteria for paediatric syncope Professor Alpay Celiker Istanbul, TR
4) How to tease out fakers versus true fainters? Dr Maria Ilina Glasgow, UK

GUCH 1 - Online -

GUCH anatomy for dummies Professor Yen Ho London, UK
How to overcome anatomical challenges in GUCH ablation: access, mapping, and lesion delivery Dr Ashley Nisbet Bristol, UK
Targeting the electrophysilogical substrate in GUCH ablation Dr Arthur Yue Southampton, UK

GUCH 2 - Online -

Risk stratification of sudden death in adult congenital heart disease Dr Gary Wright Glasgow, UK
Cardiac resynchronization therapy in congential heart disease Dr Sayqa Arif Birmingham, UK
How to tackle challenges in device therapy: current techniques and future promises Professor Eric Rosenthal London, UK

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