• HRC2021
  • 3 - 6 Oct 2021

Cases & Traces Submission

The Cases and Traces sessions provide the opportunity for trainees, AHPs and consultants to present interesting clinical scenarios, share dilemmas, show off or confess.

One session concentrates on device therapy and the other electrophysiology.

All aspects of arrhythmia management are suitable topics and anyone working in or studying the discipline is a suitable presenter.

Before submitting a case or trace, individuals are urged to carefully read the information below:

Cases & Traces Acceptance

If your case is accepted you will be asked to present either at a FacetoFace HRC2021 or via an online format (depending on COVID-19 regulations)

Expenses associated with the submission and presentation of a case are the responsibility of the presenter.

Case & Traces Withdrawal

If you need to withdraw your case, you should email info@heartrhythmcongress.org.uk stating the reason for withdrawal.

Submission Guidelines

Please complete all fields marked (*) as these are required for administration.

You must complete pages 1 to 4 of the submission process.

By clicking 'Finish' on Page 5 your case will be submitted for review and cannot be altered.

Formatting Guidelines

Case title – UPPER CASE letters only (max 250 characters).

Case text - mixed case letters (max 3000 characters).

If you have any problems with your case submission, please e-mail: s.kempton@heartrhythmalliance.org

Deadline: Monday 16th August 2021


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