• HRC2023
  • 8 - 10 Oct 2023

Dr Alicia D'Souza

Alicia D'Souza

Position: Cardiac Physiologist & Research Fellow
Location: Manchester, UK

Dr Alicia D’Souza is a cardiac physiologist and a British Heart Foundation Basic Science Intermediate Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. er work so far has investigated microRNA and transcription factor-control of ion channels with specific emphasis on the cardiac conduction system in athletic training and during the circadian rhythm. In these settings, she has identified (i) a critical role for transcriptional remodelling of the key pacemaking ion channel, HCN4, and a corresponding reduction in its ionic current If  (ii) novel regulators of If namely microRNA-423-5p, NKX2.5 and BMAL1. These findings overturn current thinking on the mechanisms that underlie bradyarrhythmias, especially in athletes. 

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