• HRC2020
  • 27 - 30 Sep 2020, The ICC, Birmingham UK

Dr Waqas Ullah

Waqas Ullah

Position: Consultant Cardiologist
Location: Southampton UK

Dr Ullah is a consultant cardiologist who joined the Trust in 2016. He specialises in electrophysiology (the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders) and the implantation and management of devices such as pacemakers.

He performs simple and complex ablations (a procedure using catheters to correct an abnormal heart rhythm), including in patients with adult congenital heart disease. He also implants and removes pacing devices (simple and complex). 

Dr Ullah has a particular interest in complex ablation, with his clinical PhD and subsequent research focusing on this. He is a keen user of cutting edge technologies both for pacing and ablation, having published important papers evaluating new technologies with local, national and international groups.

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