• HRC2021
  • 3 - 6 Oct 2021

Dr Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper

Position: Consultant Neurologist
Location: Manchester, UK

Busy Consultant General Neurologist with specialist Epilepsy clinics, Sleep Disorders Clinic, and a Pain clinic; referred patients with complex pain and neurological disorders. Medical Director of the David Lewis Centre, with experience in the complex interactions between epilepsy, psychiatric illness and abnormal behaviour. Clinical lead for Functional Neurological Disorders, with considerable experience in this area. I prepare 90-100 reports annually, for personal injury, medical negligence and very occasionally for the criminal courts (including murder). Trained in the Civil Procedure Rules including as a Single Joint Expert with recent Court experience. Approved Clinician for the Mental Health Act (Section 12 Approved). Former Member of the Standards and Services Committee of the Association of British Neurologists; Chaired the NICE guideline development groups for Blackouts and Multiple Sclerosis, and previously a member of Head Injury guideline group. Currently Chairs Parkinson's Disease guideline. Head of Association of British Neurologists Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Group and member of European Academy of Neurology Scientific Panel for Neurotraumatology and Fellow of the American Epilepsy Society.

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