• HRC2022
  • 9 - 11 Oct 2022

Dr Austin Gibbs

Austin Gibbs

Position: Director
Location: Jersey, UK

Dr Austin Gibbs graduated from UCL with degrees in Medicine and Psychology and has worked in Emergency Medicine and on healthcare projects in various settings across the world. Founded Mobile Medics, a charitable organisation supporting projects in remote Africa, drove from London to Johannesburg setting clinics in South Sudan and Limpopo in Mozambique. Set up the Jersey Research Foundation, which helps facilitate and empower residents to pursue scientific research and further education.

Away from medicine, he's spent time studying Law, living off the land in France, renovating a 120yr old house before joining the Cardiology department in Jersey and forming The Allan Lab to develop a way of translating technology into meaningful and deliverable clinical practice. Unashamed nerd, passionate that advances in health technology can deliver better patient outcomes and experiences, yielding economic benefits.

Currently, The Allan Lab is implementing Software as A Service AI diagnostic programs, remote patient monitoring, electronic consent and Virtual reality simulation training in Jersey. We are bringing both start-up companies and academic research into clinical practice.

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