• HRC2022
  • 9 - 11 Oct 2022

Prof Paulus Kirchhof

Paulus Kirchhof

Position: Director of the Department of Cardiology
Location: Hamburg, DE

Paulus Kirchhof is Director of the Department of Cardiology at the University Heart and Vascular Center UKE Hamburg and holds a part-time position as Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Birmingham. He studied Medicine in Heidelberg, Lille, Georgetown, and Münster. After graduating, Professor Kirchhof learned and practiced cardiology at the University Hospital Münster. He worked Birmingham in from 2011 until moving to Hamburg in 2020. Professor Kirchhof researches translational mechanisms and management of cardiovascular diseases, especially arrhythmias and heart failure. He is a highly cited researcher, an enthusiastic teacher and a mentor for cardiologists and cardiovascular researchers.

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