• HRC2021
  • 3 - 6 Oct 2021

Mrs Louise Clayton

Louise Clayton

Position: Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Location: Leicester, UK

I began my career in nursing in 1996 and spent four years working on a cardio-renal acute medical ward in Leicester. During this time my passion to improve the lives of patients living with heart failure was ignited. The ‘revolving door’ experience of those living with heart failure was all too apparent.

In 2000 I worked alongside Professor Iain Squire in a research trial which explored the effectiveness of heart failure specialist nurse interventions.

I then spent almost 14 years establishing and developing the Leicester City Community Heart Failure Nursing Service. I have held a number of Honorary lectures posts, teaching across the breadth of the multi-disciplinary team, including facilitating the Leicester programme of the Caledonian heart failure management course.

The last seven years have been spent developing an Acute Heart Failure Service within University Hospitals of Leicester. I am the Deputy chair of the British Heart Failure Nurses forum and a previous board member and current observer of the British Society of Heart Failure. I am honoured to Chair the Alliance for Heart Failure, working with key stakeholders to promote and improve heart failure across the UK.

Throughout my career I have maintained my clinical focus. Seeing patients every day of the week and gaining the most satisfaction from the relationships forged during these times.

Improving the lives of those affected by heart failure continues to be my passion.


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