• HRC2021
  • 3 - 6 Oct 2021

Professor Andrew Grace

Andrew Grace

Position: Senior Clinician
Location: Cambridge, UK

Andrew Grace is a Senior Clinician who established the Eastern Region arrhythmia service now delivered with a large-dedicated team. He has completed intra-cardiac catheter-based procedures over the last >30 years and is also Honorary Professor in the University and has a passion for bridging gaps between science and medicine. His strengths in strategic thinking and execution have contributed significantly to developing new transformative treatments through interdisciplinary collaboration. He has progressed from analysing mechanisms of cardiac Na+-dependent proton efflux, to describing functional consequences of the disruption of genes implicated in arrhythmogenesis in model systems to quantifying cardiac excitation in complex disease. Specific contributions leading to significant change include subcutaneous defibrillators now implanted in >90,000 individuals worldwide, pulmonary vein ablation catheters and conduction measurements that can predict risks of life-threatening cardiac fibrillation. His most recent work concerns an application of first principles in electrostatic field theory to calculations of charge density permitting <2 mm localisation of cardiac electrical sources. The approach enhances treatment efficacy through cardiac ablation but also enables multisite endocardial sampling that in combination with single-cell assays e.g. scRNAseq will facilitate the resolution of relationships between genetic makeup and clinical cardiac electrical function.

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