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Dr David O’Donnell

David O’Donnell

Position: Electrophysiologist
Location: Melbourne, AU

Electrophysiologist with special clinical interest in arrhythmias / electrophysiology

Consultant and Electrophysiologist

A graduate of the University of Melbourne Medical School in 1993, Dr David O’Donnell was the recipient of 9 undergraduate awards including the Association of Medical Officers of Health Prize for the top Medical student in 1992, the HG Furnell Award for the most outstanding medical student for 1992/93 and the Senior Medical Staff Award for the top student of 1993.

Following his initial training at the Austin Hospital, David undertook Advanced Training in Electrophysiology at the Freeman Hospital – UK, where he was awarded the 2002 NASPE Fellow Clinical Research Award, the 2002 Eric and Bonnie Prystowsky Clinical Research Award, and was a finalist in the NASPE Young Investigators Award.

In addition to his appointment to the GenesisCare Board, David’s extensive clinical Electrophysiology career has focused on pioneering the newest techniques for ablation of Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Tachycardia.

In recent years, his clinical and research emphasis has been on utilizing medical devices in Heart Failure, pioneering a number of novel techniques for Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT).

David’s passion for education is clear, running a number of device implant courses to train and upskill both Australian and international colleagues in a range of therapeutic areas, particularly in CRT. He spends several weeks every year performing procedures and training physicians across Asia and Europe, as well as being a frequent presenter and faculty member at many international Electrophysiology congresses.

A highly skilled and experienced operator, David has performed more than 5000 EP studies and ablations as well as over 5000 device implants, and was previously the Director of Electrophysiology at Austin Health, Heidelberg. Currently Dr O’Donnell is the Chairman of the CMC for GenesisCare Cardiology Victoria and Member of the Board of Director for Genesis Care.

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