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Dr Daniela Aschieri

Daniela Aschieri

Position: Head of Cardiology
Location: Piacenza, IT

Director of Cardiology Unit, Castel San Giovanni Hosp. (Piacenza) from 2014 to date.

Degree in Medicine and Surgery 110/110 with honors,  Specialization in Cardiology 70/70 - University of Parma

Manager in Health Management training course for managers of healthcare companies - Management certification,  2015 - Department of Economics, University of Parma

Health Management 2016 , SDA Bocconi, Milan 

Specialist in non-invasive imaging, certified by the Italian Echocardiography Society (SIEC) for both basic and high-level echocardiography (stress and transesophageal echocardiography), specialized in intracardiac echocardiography for interventional procedures and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance.

Since 2006 Tutor, Member of the Quality Commission and teacher of the training group of the Italian Echocardiography Society.

Since 11 May 2012 Member of the "Regional Committee for the dissemination and use of AEDs" (pursuant to the resolution of the regional council No. 1779/2011).

From April 17th 2018 Member of the ANMCO Emilia Romagna Regional Executive Council

I am a founder and actually President of no profit organization Progetto Vita, the first European early defibrillation project. I coordinate hundreds of volunteers as part of the “Progetto Vita” awareness initiatives and organize information campaigns, events and screening and cardiovascular prevention days in Italy. I am responsible for the BLS-D Training Center Progetto Vita. www.progetto-vita.eu

Scientific production.

N° 41 peer reviewed

N ° 55 invited publications

N ° 5 books or book chapters

N° 187 abstracts

RG SCORE 33.4,  H index 12

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