• HRC2023
  • 8 - 10 Oct 2023

Professor Gust H. Bardy

Gust H. Bardy

Position: CEO of Bardy Diagnostics
Location: Seattle, WA

Dr. Bardy is CEO of Bardy Diagnostics, an ECG monitoring company focused on diagnosing rhythm disorders precisely using a technology that allows nuances of the ECG to be seen clearly in the majority of patients.   These nuances help adjudicate between innumerable rhythm disorders, many of which appear to mimic each other.  Distinguishing between them is critical as these apparently similar disorders can demand widely different therapeutic approaches.   Dr. Bardy, after serving at the University of Washington since 1983 as a cardiac electrophysiologist, started this company in response to the failures of traditional monitoring technologies in diagnosing cardiac rhythm disorders precisely.  He also continues to conduct research in cardiac rhythm disorders.

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