• HRC2020
  • 27 - 30 Sep 2020, The ICC, Birmingham UK
EP Traces Course Online
Heart Rhythm Trainees (2) Online
Basic Science Primer Online
Real World Cases - What would you do next Online
Cardiac Physiology looking into the future Online
Heart Rhythm Trainees (1) Online
Nurses Online
Digital Technology Online

EP Traces Course - Online -

Chairs Dr Gwilym Morris, Dr Simon Modi Manchester, UK, Liverpool, UK
Welcome, course objectives and ‘How to approach the unknown tracing’
EP Traces Session 1
EP Traces Session 2
EP Traces Session 3

Heart Rhythm Trainees (2) - Online -

Cardiac anatomy for the electrophysiology team Professor Sabine Ernst, Professor Yen Ho London, UK, London, UK
Venous access and navigating the coronary sinus: tips, tricks and troubleshooting for device implantation Dr Archie Rao Liverpool, UK

Basic Science Primer - Online -

Chair: Dr Malcolm Finlay London, UK
Session 1. Is exercise going to ruin my heart?
Bedside: Heart Rhythm troubles in high level athletes Assoc Prof Graham Stuart Bristol, UK
Bench: Of mice, men and racehorses. How athletic training changes the electrics of the heart Dr Alicia D'Souza Manchester, UK
Session 2. Why does our AF ablation sometimes fail?
Bedside: “Is atrial fibrillation a developmental disorder?” Dr Andrew Grace Cambridge, UK
Bench: Can embryonic development of the atria predispose to atrial fibrillation?
Session 3. How much do we know about treating ventricular tachycardia in structural heart disease?
Bedside: “What is the real mechanism of VT in structural heart disease and how does it impact on treatment strategy?”
Bench: How ischaemia causes ventricular arrhythmia Dr Rachel Myles Glasgow, UK

Real World Cases - What would you do next - Online -

Chair: Ms Holly Daw London, UK
Panel Mr Paul Doherty Solihull, UK
Panel Miss Sophie Rooker Manchester, UK

Cardiac Physiology looking into the future - Online -

Physiologist led services - an update on innovation Mr Christopher Monkhouse London UK
Relevance of research in Cardiac Physiology and PhD opportunities Miss Lucy Broadhurst Rotherham, UK
Usefulness of AI and wearables in arrhythmia services Professor Blanca Rodriguez Oxford, UK
Remote monitoring beyond ICD therapies - can I use it for all my device patients? Mr Matthew Swift Swindon, UK

Heart Rhythm Trainees (1) - Online -

Electrophysiology studies and ablation should only be performed in tertiary centres. (debate format with below) Professor Dhiraj Gupta Liverpool, UK
District general hospitals should be providing electrophysiology studies and ablation. (debate format with above) Dr Steve Furniss Eastbourne, UK
Collaboration, education and networking through social media: a guide for trainees Dr Bogdan Enache Monte Carlo, MC
Investigation and risk stratification of patients with inheritied primary arrhythmia syndromes Professor Pier Lambiase London, UK

Nurses - Online -

Remote Clinics Mr Brett Sutherland Yeovil, UK
Investigation of Palpitations in a Modern NHS Dr Matthew Fay Bradford, UK
Virtual Reality in Device Implantation Dr Austin Gibbs Jersey, UK
How Many Ectopics Count? Dr Daniel Ahlert Jersey, UK
Streamlining Services for Pre-operative Patients with Arrhythmia Miss Jane Owen Middlesbrough, UK
Advancing Therapies in Heart Failure Dr Henry Oluwasefunmi Savage Basildon, UK
The Management of AF and Heart Failure Mrs Sharon Toora Basildon, UK
How Useful are Syncope Scoring Systems? Mrs Sarah Clarke Basildon, UK
Doctoral Research Ms Angela Griffiths, Mrs Angela Hall Oxford, UK, Jersey, UK

Digital Technology - Online -

Chair: Professor Nicholas Peters London, UK
The ECG and Beyond - Machine-Learned Insights Dr Suraj Kapa Rochester, US
Transforming Diagnostics - Combinatorial Digital Solutions Dr Fu Siong Ng London, UK
Real World Cardiovasciular Connected Care in The Wild Dr Fozia Ahmed Manchester, UK

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